Our goal at Dandy Strands Head Lice Removal Service LLC. is to offer our community and it's families help and reassurance to combat head lice in a quick and hassle-free way with a focus on education, safe-common sense treatments and prevention. We are dedicated to breaking the stigma, fear, myth spreading and confusion associated with this all too common problem. We know head lice is an issue everyone can encounter; but believe no one should have to handle it alone.

 Why waist days, weeks or even months fighting head lice?

Call us today and

Be head lice free!

13 + years of hands on head lice experience

  Shepherd certified 


Affordable services

 No additional purchases


No age restrictions

 Safe,Pesticide free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and all natural products 

Complete removal of live bugs and nits.

 A treat once and treat right mentality. No repeated treatments.


We make education, safe removal, and prevention our main priority to give you 100% peace of mind so your life can get back to being fine and dandy.