Dandy strands head lice removal service LLC. Is owned and operated by Meredith Riley; Oklahoma’s only professionally trained and Shepherd certified head lice specialist with 13+ years’ hands on experience. She is also the research contributor for letslearnaboutlice.com.


      As a mother who battled with head lice for years. Meredith tried almost every over the counter shampoo and comb on the market like most end up doing she switched to home remedies when the OTC products failed. She again tried almost every myth and quick fix one can think of and find online from mayo to rubbing alcohol, baby oil to pepper, vinegar to cola rinses and hairspray etc., to going crazy cleaning house and bagging everything for weeks to eventually using a prescription strength pesticide that also failed. 

 she finally sprang into action and became educated on all things head lice. After researching everything she could and discovering Katie Shepherd, who is globally recognized as a top head lice expert; Meredith was finally able to beat these incessant pests affecting her family and started to help others close to her.

​    Having dealt with many school and daycare outbreaks, ineffective head lice/nit policies, loss of work from missing too many days battling reoccurring infestations, knowing the dangers of using toxic products and experimenting with failed messy home remedies:  Meredith realized her community also needed head lice help and decided to open Dandy strands head lice removal service.

     Armed with her experience, skills and knowledge she went to the Shepherd institute for head lice solutions where she was professionally trained and certified to insure her community would be offered the most up to date facts, research findings, all-natural hypoallergenic products, and the industry leading most effective and safest removal method. 



Donations help us in our quest to fully serve our community.

Tax deductible donations can be made to Lice Solutions resource network through PayPal 

"If you can afford to treat your child and I can afford to treat my child, but the child that sits between ours cannot afford treatment, then none of our children are safe! We must have help for all children and every child deserves the same chance in life.” - Katie Shepherd LSRN

Our school give back program Is our thank you for school referrals. We set aside funds to that school to use in helping a family in need get head lice treatment.  For more information about our school give back program email us at




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