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Prepare The day of your appointment please make sure hair is clean, dry and free of any products such as; leave in conditioner, mousse, hairspray, gel, and oil etc. Make sure hair is tangle free and not in any type of style other than a simple pony tail if needed. A $10 detangling fee will be added if hair is not prepared as stated above. If hair is extremely curly we may ask that hair be straightened before appointment to ensure the head lice comb can correctly move through the hair.  Be prepared for you or your child to be sitting for a while and make sure you have something entertaining such as a book or movie.


for first person, fee waived with treatment.


previous customers

                 free head checks for household members present.

 A head check is done to find evidence of head lice. We do not treat if there is no evidence as treating does not help in prevention. Evidence will always be shown.  All household members are recommended to be checked to ensure the elimination of head lice and their eggs (nits) and to also lesson the likelihood of re-infestation.

Head check


Eggs (nits) found during head check. 


Longer hair

2nd hour


Longer hair

1st hour 


short hair 2 inches or less


(Treatment includes 1 comb per family and 2 free rechecks)

After evidence of head lice is found and a treatment plan is discussed

we start the treatment using the industry leading Shepherd Method    ,

which is the meticulous process of going through each strand to ensure

complete removal of any live bugs and eggs (nits). Because every

infestation, hair thickness and persons demeanor is different; the entire

treatment process from start to finish takes on average 2 hours to

complete. Sometimes less and sometimes more. A final head check is

one more safe guard in ensuring the removal of all live bugs and eggs (nits) leaving you with 100% peace of mind.


Treatment will not begin until the caregiver or client fully understands the severity of the infestation, the treatment plan, their option for self-treating and all prices.  During the treatment process clients and caregivers will be educated on head lice facts and prevention.


An adult louse found and removed during treatment. 


                                                               Depending on the infestation each follow up will be scheduled                                                                         from a few days to a week after treatment. It is important to keep                                                                 your follow up appointments to insure no re exposure has                                                                   occurred. We work with you and your family until cleared.

                                                          You do not have to comb at home after treatment but we do  recommend combing 2xs a week to form a habit of weekly checks

Weekly head checks are important for early detection.  Back to school and daycare slips are provided as well. An aftercare sheet will be given with instructions on prevention and light cleaning. 



2 Free


1 Free

Comb per family


We offer safe preventive products as well as non-toxic natural kits for those who want to treat at home.




We accept


Payment is do at time of service, please bring a valid photo id. We are proud to offer a 10% Military discount to our active service men and women and our veterans with military ID.

We do not accept health insurance at this time however some insurances will reimburse for head lice treatment and we are happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork to file with them. Please call your insurance company to find out your coverage. Dandy strands head lice removal service is not held liable for non reimbursement



"Be nice and tell on lice!"

It is important to inform your family, friends, school and/or daycare that you/ your child had head lice. This protects you and your family from re exposure and allows others to check their families. Remember you or your child got head lice from someone and you or child could have given it to someone.

 Head lice should not be anymore embarrassing than having a cold.