First experience ever with head lice removal and I am very thankful to have someone as passionate and educated as Meredith. She treated my daughter and I as soon as we suspected the invasion. She calmed us down and assured us that she would remove everything.  My daughter is three and she played movies and kept us entertained while she worked piece by piece removing 100s of eggs and bugs. Meredith is very professional and amazing with kids (aka) the baby whisperer. We also learned all about the different stages and all about head lice. We had two follow ups to guarantee the complete removal and we are 100% pleased. I highly recommend Meredith at Dandy strands head lice removal service. Hopefully we won’t have to go through this again but if we do I will not hesitate to call again. The products are all natural and safe. You’re in great hands!! 

   – M.K.

I would 100% recommend Dandy Strands. I have always had a huge fear of head lice since I had it as a little girl. When my daughter got it as a teenager I was so upset. Meredith was so knowledgeable; she calmed all of my fears. I was extremely happy to have her to get through my super long thick hair, as I know no one in my family could have done the job. One evening and we were completely lice free. She even came back to do double checks to make sure we stayed lice free. The strand by strand method she uses is the only way to get rid of lice and she is extremely thorough. Call her and you will not be disappointed!!!


I had nits left over from having head lice a year before... I couldn't get them out on my own. Meredith fixed that right away and I would use her again in a minute! She was professional and gentle. The product she used left my hair soft and manageable. I give her a 5/5!  


We struggled for a couple of years with head lice. We would do hair washing and combing yet we still had head lice. Meredith came over one day and spent about an hour going through my daughter's hair. She came back twice in a month to re check and we have been head lice free for a year! She is amazing!

- S.P. 

There has been multiple occasions in the past few years that I have been able to count on Dandy Strands. My daughter is susceptible to picking up lice from anyone who has it. All I have to do is call Meredith and have been able to get my kids in immediately. The knowledge about head lice that she shares during treatment truly helps decrease the negativity and fear. I highly recommend Dandy Strands to any family needing help. Meredith makes everything so convenient, comfortable and private.


I noticed my 7 year old daughter going after her head one day. I did a quick check and found she had head lice. I called Meredith to treat her because she doesn't use any dangerous chemicals. She also checked myself and my four other children one of which is a 9 month old baby to make sure we were lice free. Meredith is very thorough to ensure she removes all live lice and their eggs. She also gives good advice on how to prevent getting any head lice in the future.


First time using a head lice removal service. I am an RN at a local nursing home and got head lice from a patient of mine. I'm glad to have Meredith at Dandy Strands. She came over and after a head check confirmed head lice she got to work right away and I was head lice fee within a few hours. The re checks really do set your mind at ease.


Meredith with Dandy Strands is amazing. She does a thorough job and rechecks a week later. Her prices are very reasonable and it's well worth the money to have the ease of knowing everything is taken care of. She is very knowledgeable and gives great at home care and treatment follow up.

- B.S

Meredith was a life saver both times my daughter had lice almost a year apart. She treated and thoroughly combed through my daughter's thick hair. It only took a few hours. She was so understanding and non- judgmental. She educated us on how to treat and prevent headlice and helped to reassure us. She surpassed my expectations. She is well experienced and made us feel comfortable. I am so amazed and thankful every time.


 She is very good, her work is incredible. I am very happy that you helped me with my girl.


 We came to Meredith with our foster care kids who had a bad case of lice. She was very friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. We called and got a next day appointment. She was wonderful with the kids and taught me quite a bit about lice, precautions to take and in home care. I would highly recommend her service. Definite stress relief not having to try and treat their heads without all the information she has. 


I'm so glad I called Dandy strands, removing nits has been the toughest, most stressfull thing to do. So I made an appointment for my daughter and it was a quick guarunteed nit removal and my daughter truely loved the process. Should of done this from the beginning. Thank you Dandy Strands! 


Meredith did an amazing job with the kids and our family of 8. Not only was she patient, she was thorough. We had been fighting head lice for months. She solved the problem in one sitting. Incredible! 


We had an issue with lice this summer and with 3 kids I was so overwhelmed. I called Dandy strands at 8 am on Saturday and Meredith called me back the same day. I got an appointment very quickly and to hold me over she made a trip to drop me off a professional comb. I REALLY appreciated this. To have the right tools made a HUGE difference. She was able to get all  of us checked out the next day and the peace of mind she gave me was priceless. I will defiantly use her services if we end up in this situation again. Thank you Dandy strands!   

– S.M.

Meredith at Dandy Strands was professional and fast. She has helped me out so much with battling head lice on my 7 children. Since using her services and taking her advice we have not had head lice again for over a year! 


 Amazing service. We had already treated for lice twice and were getting ready to do it a third time. Will definitely recommend. Thanks again.

   – A.M.

 Our daughter got head lice while in daycare. Thank god for Dandy strands. She came right out and took care of our daughters hair. She was very nice and great to hold conversation with. We will use her anytime this problem comes and we highly recommend her to anyone that any issues with this. Being a full time working parent its hard to treat hair and spend all that time removing nits. So much easier with her coming out. Thank you Meredith so so much   

– S.W.

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